Newsletter Summer/Fall 2018

I want to start off by recognizing one of my competitors that has just recently retired. He was always first class with me and my entire team and we always had the upmost respect for him. Good ethical competition is good in every industry. When I first started back with Schein in 2009 with zero territory, but a list of offices not being serviced I had to figure out what to offer to stand out and make my way into the market. With competition like him it wasn’t an easy task. However, I was able to be different than many competitors by using good management tools and business decisions. I took the approach of looking at this business with another level of service. The business consulting we offer is top notch and something that gives our clients a huge advantage to not only better serve their patients but grow practices the right and increase bottom lines. Just because an office makes more money doesn’t always mean more money goes into your pocket and strategically growing the right way takes a lot of understanding of the industry as a whole and isn’t something most can do on their own. I have been able to learn from mistakes along with way and continue to strive for the best each and every day. Family is so important to me and I am always trying to spend quality time with my family when I can. My offices are like family too and I put that respect and passion into each one. I am able to help dental offices grow their patient base and help them truly live their dreams. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife, Jessica, daughter, Maggie and son, George standing by my side at all time. I work hard for them every day and ultimately want the same opportunity with each of you. Thank you all for your trust and support!


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